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Massachusetts Heating Oil Prices - Buy Heating Oil for Low Costs in Massachusetts (MA)

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Nationwide heating oil prices have are higher than they were during this same period last year. The same is true for heating oil prices in Massachusetts. However, actual heating oil prices vary throughout the state. The lowest heating oil price of $3.31 per gallon is found in the eastern part of the state. Temperatures have been above normal so far for the winter of 2011-2012. This may offset any increases in heating oil prices in some parts of the state. Another factor in determining heating oil prices is the selection of supplier. Some suppliers markup their prices beyond the actual price. Therefore, it may be wise to consider having someone source prices for you.
The national average for residential heating oil is $3.844, up 0.505 percent over this same period last year. The average wholesale price of heating oil is $2.998, up 0.352 percent over the same period a year ago. Heating oil prices in central Massachusetts average $3.606, with a high of $3.78 and a low of $3.44 per gallon. Prices are similar in the northwestern part of the state. Heating oil prices in this area of the state average $3.635 per gallon, with a high of $3.74 and a low of $3.549. Prices in eastern Massachusetts average $3.615 per gallon, with a high of $3.78 and a low of $3.319. Heating oil prices drop slightly in the southern part of the state, with an average of $3.588 per gallon.
Heating oil prices drop slightly when looking at individual cities. Springfield averages $3.557 per gallon. Cape Cod averages $3.623 per gallon. Prices drop slightly when you go by individual supplier. The lowest price by supplier in Cape Code is $3.46 per gallon. Heating oil prices in Boston are slightly below the statewide average at $3.535 per gallon, with a low of $3.38 and a high of $3.89. Prices drop slightly just south of Boston, with an average of $3.491 per gallon. Prices north of Boston remain slightly below the state average at $3.535. Prices remain in the same range west of Boston at $ 3.566 per gallon. Cities just north of Boston average $3.573. Some of the lowest prices by city can be found in the eastern part of the state.
When selecting a heating oil supplier, you can find the best price by having someone source prices for you. This way you get multiple rates from various providers. If you use someone with considerable experience in the industry, they are likely to know which providers offer the lowest prices. An expert on heating oil prices is likely to have an idea of what trends will be for the upcoming season. There will always be outside variables that cannot be foreseen, such as a warmer than usual winter. However, an expert is more likely to find the best price for you than if you randomly checked prices yourself. With a little effort from someone experienced with heating oil prices and trends, you should be able to heat your home this winter without too much of a drain on your wallet.